Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule PLUS Hardness-Dissipation Powder

Features and Function 1. Kill virus, clear stasis, expel toxin, recover the normal function of prostate gland, reconstruct the immune system of this gland.

Improve the permeability of capsula prostatica, bring the effective element into prostate gland hrtbto kill pathogenic bacteria, eliminate the congestion and hematomas of both posterior urathra and prostate gland, dispel the blockage within glandular tube, make the circulation within the gland easy and smooth, facilitate the discharge of purulent secretion, metabolin, toxinum, obstruct the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)--- a material who brings about the hyperplasia--- and then restrain or reverse the process of hyperplasia of prostate gland, cause damage directly to telomerase of gland cell, suppress the cell division and growth, induce the cell of hyperplasia take the path towards apoptosis. When such characteristic function be carried out step by step for sometime, the hyperplastic tissue can be withered gradually and prostate gland can retract to assume former state, ridding of the urination barrier.

2. Recover the normal function of prostate gland, reconstruct the immune system of prostate gland.

Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule can improve the blood circulation within prostate gland, recover the physiological , secretary, excretive function, obstruct the 5α reductases, diminish the production of dihydrotestosterone, adjust the composition of microelement, raise the ionic medicineconcentration of zinc, regulate the Ph number of liquor prostaticus, increase the level of erythrocuprein, strengthen the englobement function of reticuloendothelial cell (REC), regain the normal function of immunogloblin within the gland, thus reconstructing the immune system of prostate gland and enhancing the immunity of the gland, which will lead to the containment of DNA synthesis of cancer cell and preventing external carcinogene from from being activated----thus reducing the probability of prostatic carcinoma.

3. All ingredients are from natural Chinese herb extracts, free of any pollution and till now no patients reported to us very obvious side effects.


Chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP), chronic nonbacterial prostatitis (CNP) and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS), hyperplasia of prostate gland. In case of Chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP) some commonly-used antibiotics are recommended to take in together.


  1. 1 pack each time, three times everyday.

  2. For patients who got infected by pathogenic bacteria, they are advised to take antibiotics (Ofloxacin plus erycin, or minocycline, etc.) in the same time. Some patients can receive antibiotics treatment by injection if oral administration cannot bring satisfied effect. So, patients with bacterial prostatitis are advised to receive antibiotics treatment in the same time.
  3. Please abstain from taking spicy food, food below room temperature, alcohol, wine, beer or other soft drinks. Also prohibited are frequent sex activity, 5 -10 days one time is the advice we recommend.


  1. 90 packs for one treatment course (30 days)


  1. One treatment course lasts 30 days and 90 packs are needed. One course supply (90 packs) costs USD 198.00


  1. For small portion of patients, they may no feel any improvement until they finish taking the medicine for more than 10 days. So, patience can work wonders.

  2. For some patients who depend upon Western medicine such as Harnal, hytrin, etc. or other treatment approaches for long time, which may result in the adenosclerosis, fiberation, scobination or calcification of prostate gland, the effect of Prostatitis Rehabilitation Capsule may be late for sometime to present.

  3. Some patients may be quick to have the symptom disappear after taking the medicine 10 – 20 days later. But we still strongly recommend the continuation of treatment for another 2 months at least. Our former clinical experiment verified that only continuation can bring about final recovery.

Assistant Medicine: Hardness-dissipation Powder

Rhizoma Sparganii, Rhizoma Curcumae, Squama Manitis, etc
Used together with Prostatitis Rehabilitation Capsule to treat patients with severe urinary frequency, very difficulty urinating, very burning or painful urination, blood in the urine, swollen prostate and painful ejaculation.
1 bag one day, three times daily. 30 bags are required for one treatment course
This medicine is used only in combination with Prostatitis Rehabilitation Capsule for patients with very severe symptom.

Option 1: Order Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule (30 Days Supply) by Using Credit Card

  1. Patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP), chronic nonbacterial prostatitis (CNP) and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), hyperplasia of prostate gland are welcome to click the "Buy Now"' button below to order 90 packs of Prostatitis Rehabilitation Capsule (30 days treatment).
    Please note international air shipping charge via China Post included (total cost at USD 198).

Option 2: Order Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule PLUS Hardness-dissipation Powder (30 Days Supply)

  1. Patients with very severe symptom such as urinary frequency, very difficulty urinating, very burning or painful urination, blood in the urine, swollen prostate and painful ejaculation are welcome to order

    A. Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule 90 packs plus
    B. 30 bags Hardness-dissipation Powder (Dosage: 1 bag daily, two times each day, drink it by using boiled warm water)

    at the price of USD 289.
    Please click the "Buy Now"' button below to place an order

Option 3: Extra Shipping Charge for Urgent Delivery via China Post.

  1. People who demand fast delivery of one-month supply are welcome to pay USD 22 for the extra shipping charge. Please click the following "Buy Now" button to pay for such service.

Warranty and Disclaimer:

  1. We keep our warranty as regard to the quality of our medicine and the description as to the function of all our medicine. And we have the obligation to refund the payment if there is any unconformity. If not, please report fraud to or
  2. Whenever such things happen as the mail package got lost during delivery, we shall refund the money or re-mail the package as requested by customer after verifying it with post office. If not, please report fraud to or
  3. Other than the above-mentioned two conditions, if customers use any pretext to return the medicine and demand for refund once they place the order 5 days later we will refuse to deal with such request unless we agree to do so after mutual discussion.



Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule

A herbal remedy for prostatitis and enlarged prostate gland

Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule can quickly clear heat, resolve toxin, eliminate inflammation, eliminate stasis, disperse swelling, disinhibit urine, free strangury. With these function in combination, such medicine can surpass many popular medicine for treating prostatitis..

Hardness-Dissipation Powder

Used together with Prostatitis Rehabilitation Capsule to treat patients with severe urinary frequency, very difficulty urinating, very burning or painful urination, blood in the urine, swollen prostate and painful ejaculation.


"...> comments: My Brother have used your herbal medicine and the result was excellent. So I though you can give the address of a reputable chinese clinic similar to yours that treat Hiatal hernia"

Mohammad Aldabbas

"...> Hi my symptoms such as burning in perenium have started to decrease snd > become less frequent. I am taking the medicine for almost 2 months. Would >it be safe to take the medicine for 3 months?..."

james middleton

"...Hi, I want to order more supply of Hardness-Dissipation Powder cause it is very powerful in reating my urination difficulty, a problem tormenting me for around 6 years. I want to take this medicine alone rather than taking another medicine called Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule. Do you think it is ok? So, please provide me with such info as the price for the medicine alone as well as the dosage when it is used alone. Thanks in advance!..."

Inaam Bashir Salih

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